Friday, November 02, 2007

117 / Shadows

The world is a cold and thunderous thing as one dark day follow the next and from high up in the heavens shadows fell like rain, drenching me with sorrow, drowning me in pain, pulling me deeper and deeper spinning me faster and faster into turbulance and helplesness. Then everything turned to blackness. For my eyes had closed before me as I tried to hide from this sadness but there's nowhere to hide in an empty world. And then, just as hope seemed to have fated there appeared a shelter in the distance. That shelter was love, that shelter was you. And in cover from the tourment, I felt warmth. I turned and saw a glow rising in a distance. It wasn't like anything i'd ever seen and spellbound, I was drawn to it and slowly gave myself to it and everything was still. For this new life blinded me now and from this light, beauty grew and as my heart stirred, music lived in my breath and soared from my lips in a song of love and even from the depths of my memory the shadows seem to have fled and freely I fell deeper and deeper into this world made of bliss faster and faster into you..

Υποκλίνομαι.. Διαχρονικό!