Friday, May 04, 2007

90 / War stories

3ο album / War Stories / James Lavelle & Richard File
Label: Surrender All

The packaging features paintings specially commissioned by Massive Attack's 3D.
The standard CD comes with a 32-page booklet. The 2xCD limited edition is a gatefold case, with an extended 50 page booklet and an outer slip-box opening up to reveal the standard CD and a second CD featuring the instrumental versions of the songs appearing on War Stories.

War Stories, 9 July 2007
01. Intro
02. Chemistry
03. Hold My Hand
04. Restless (feat. Josh Homme)
05. Keys To The Kingdom (feat. Gavin Clark)
06. Price You Pay
07. Burn My Shadow (feat. Ian Astbury)
08. May Day (feat. The Duke Spirit)
09. Persons & Machinery (feat. Autolux)
10. Twilight (feat. 3D)
11. Morning Rage
12. Lawless
13. Broken (feat. Gavin Clark)
14. When Things Explode (feat. Ian Astbury)

Night's Temper limited edition double vinyl 7", 14th May 2007

Disc 01
Side A - Chemistry
Side B - Morning Rage

Disc 02
Side C - Persons & Machinery (feat. Autolux)
Side D - MayDay (feat. The Duke Spirit)

σσ: η επόμενη αγορά του τέστιν!