Friday, October 20, 2006

62 / Καλημέρα κι όνειρα γλυκά..

When boys are just 11 they begin to grow in height at a faster rate than they have done before. They develop curiosity and start to fantasise about the things they've never thought of doing before. These dreams are no more harmful than the usual thoughts the boys have of becoming football stars of millionaires. As long as the distinction between fantasy and fiction remains, it's just a nature walk.

It's just the facts of life
there's no masterplan
walk me home from school
i'll let you hold my hand.
You're getting ideas
and when you sleep at night
they develop into sweet dreams
It's just the facts of life..

(i) Facts of life // Black Box Recorder > Συστημένο
(i) Ο τίτλος βρέθηκε γραμμένος σε μάρμαρο του Γκίνη επί της Στουρνάρη. Τι να πεις;